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Add to Favourites Colorful Momi Shells Mix #808 ItsAShoreThingKauai 5 out of 5 stars (533) Sale Price AU$43.10 AU$ 43.10 2019-01-24 2016-12-28 Niihau Kauai Akala Lei. These shells took over 5 years to collect. The pure hot red Akala Pua Waipipi are the most rare of all Kahelelani on Kauai. I combined these shells with purple cones from Kauai but 85% of these shells are from Niihau. The clasp is a gem purple … The Momi which means "pearls," are shells with the oval shape.

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Collected from the beaches of the forbidden island and painstakingly cleaned and sewn together is a legacy unique to it's culture. These are the only shell in the world insurable as a gemstone but more importantly, a signature of the beauty and labor of each unique Hawaiian Leimaker. Ni'ihau Shells. Glowing like pearls the garlands are made of the most precious, and almost priceless, shell in the world, Pupu O Ni'ihau. The gem-like shells can be as tiny as the head of a pin and can be found on the beaches of Hawaii's private island.

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15 posts · 115 followers  30 Mar 2017 The highly prized pupu o Niihau (Niihau shells) can only be found on the shores of The Forbidden Island and require acute patience, as a  NI'IHAU SHELL JEWELRY. Personally own pieces of Hawaii's hidden treasures. Painstakingly hand-gathered, prepared and sewn by the people of the  Ni'ihau's highly skilled artisans have developed a shell lei due to the fact that the drier climate of the island is not suit- able for fresh flower leis, unlike the other  Find great deals on eBay for niihau shell jewelry. Shop with confidence.

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Niihau shells

The most popular color? You guessed it: white.

Niihau shells

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However, the term generally refers to three different shells that are commonly used to make Ni‘ihau shell lei: kahelelani, momi, and lāiki, as well as a fourth one, kāmoa, which is frequently used to add contrasting color. Ni'ihau shells are a variety of endemic species of sea creatures whose shells are picked off the shores of the island of Ni'ihau. Ni'ihau is an island off the southwest coast of Kaua'i. Ni'ihau also goes by the name, The Forbidden Island, because the island is privately owned.
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It was a great day in paradise as later that day I met a man and woman from Niihau who were overseeing their 10-12 year-old sons just learning to dive for fish with spears. Niihau Shell Leis Linda Paik Moriarty No preview available - 1986.

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Smycken charm på den magiska niihau ön. Niihau Island

Renowned for their shell jewelry, Ni'ihau's artisans are especially proud of the handcrafted lei pūpū 'o Ni'ihau, which can fetch as much as $30,000 for a single lei. ( See for yourself. A post shared by Jade Kealani Snow (@jadeksnow) on Feb 21, 2014 at 4:43pm PST May I add , depending on where you are staying, the Totally Hawaiian store in Whaler's Village has a Niihau expert who comes in once a week, I think on Tuesbut call them! I found out that the little box of my Grandmother's shell's were "Kauai" shells from WW!! Not Niihau at all! I do own a wonderful Niihau necklace with full authentication. 2016-12-28 · Should you not have the chance to participate in its low-impact tourism—or score an invitation from one its residents—splurge on one of their shell leis: the pūpū o Niʻihau is considered one of the most coveted and exquisite necklaces in the world.