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Even though there is currently no cure for herpes simplex, there is treatment, which just comes in handy to make life easier for people who have the herpes simplex virus. Feline herpes is very contagious and is a common problem wherever cats are housed in groups. Canine herpes is more of a reproductive problem than a respiratory one; in fact, most infected dogs do not appear to get sick at all or have mild conjunctivitis/upper respiratory symptoms. Herpes is curable under natural methods.

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If we look to find the answer of this question in a scientific way, it is not feasible to cure this infection. Scientists say that you can’t cure herpes infection. Herpes is not curable — once you have the virus, it never leaves your body. However, the virus can become dormant for long periods of time until something triggers an outbreak.

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Tabitha Britt. 2021-01-07T22:09:12Z It is best for you to talk to a health care provider about those concerns, but it also is important to recognize that while herpes is not curable, it can be managed with medication.

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Is herpes curable

Herpes can appe 2019-05-29 · The herpes simplex virus (HSV) is the infection that causes herpes.. There are two types of the virus.

Is herpes curable

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Is herpes Curable?

There are two types of this virus. Type 2 is the type that usually causes genital herpes. But type 1 can also cause it. Type 1 is the type that causes cold sores.
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You do not have Herpes Lite, or the freemium version with in-app purchases and ads, or beginner’s herpes– you have regular, full-blown, 100-percent real herpes. 2007-11-11 Herpes became curable. That did not happen through 'research' or expensive medical trials, or anything like that. It was discovered by accident - much like most cures for 'incurable' diseases, which were found in the past decade.

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Is Herpes curable?